Antecedents to Fashion Clothing Purchase Involvement: The Mediating Role of Fashion Clothing Involvement

Rahman, Mahfuzur1; Albaity, Mohamed2; Isa, Che Ruhana1; Azma, Nurul3
1University of Malaya; 2University of Sharjah; 3Management & Science University;;;

Abstract: The study examines the influence of materialism and fashion clothing involvement on Malaysian youth's fashion clothing purchase involvement. The Richin's materialism scale as well as the product and purchase involvement scales developed by O'Cass were employed to understand the behaviour of Malaysian youth towards fashion clothing. The sample (n = 281) comprised of university students from different parts of Malaysia. The result shows that malaysian youth do not possess a high level of materialistic tendencies. The study found that materialism and fashion clothing involvement positively influence fashion clothing purchase involvement whereas religiosity negatively influence fashion clothing purchase involvement. This study offers enormous opportunities for the international apparel marketers to formulate relevant business policies and strategies.

Keywords: Fashion clothing, materialism, fashion clothing involvement, religiosity, Malaysia