Brand Switching Behaviour of Muslim Consumers; The Road not Taken

Munazza Saeed1, Ilhaamie Binti Abdual Ghani Azmi1
University of Malaya,


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to build an argument in order to investigate the Muslim consumers switching behaviour. Moreover, it also intends to examine the previous literature on brand switching behaviour generally and in relation to the Muslim consumers specifically. This study seeks to expand the body of knowledge in consumer behaviour research with the emphasis on the role of Islam. The benefits that will be yielded from this study will not only provide guidelines to business researchers, but will also enhance the current understanding of Muslim consumers. It studies how the Muslim consumer's brand switching behaviour is influenced by religious beliefs of Muslim consumers and image of a brand. Previous studies have only attempted to understand brand switching without considering the religion specifically Islam.

Keywords: Brand Switching, Islam, Malaysia, Pakistan
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