Comparative Study: Effect of Color on Major Chocolate Brands in Pakistan (Branding and Packaging)

Mr. Khawaja Saad Sohail1, Ms. Sarah Khan2
National University of Emerging Sciences,


Abstract: From the moment we open our eyes there is one thing that surrounds us and that is color. Thus color is one of the most important part of human life. Similarly when we talk about marketing we can't go any futher unless we take into account how this major variable "Color" will impact us. This research aims to study how color effects people in Pakistan. Are there any differences in color choices amoung people based on their age, gender and religion. Does occasion play any part in impacting our color choice. Furthermore this research will also provide evidence about how change in color effects brand image, brand love, band recall and brand loyalty by taking into account major choclate brand namely DairyMilk, Mars, Novella and Kitkat. This research was carried out in the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad in Pakistan. The data was collected through online questionaires with a total sample size of 151 respondents. Correlations, Cross tabulations and Kruskal - Wallis H test was used to interpret the data.

The results of this study indicate that all the independent variables i.e. Brand Image, Brand Love, Brand Recall and Brand Loyalty have a highly significant positive relationship with color. Age and gender did not have any significance in the choice of color. Black was seen to be the most preferred colored for chocolate among almost all age groups and genders. Kitkat turned out be the most preferred chocolate brand among both the age groups and genders. A significant relationship was also seen between the chocolate brand and the choice of color.

This study will help marketers understand the importance of color in branding and the consumer preference of color in Pakistan. This study will add on the current limited literature on color and its relation with the choice of chocolate.
This Study was limited to the twin cities. Due to budget and time constraints a printed survey could not be used and an online survey was conducted thus decreasing the one of one interaction with respondents. Due to time limitations the emotional effect of color could not be studied.

Keywords: Branding, Color Psychology, Chocolate 
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