Customers' Attitude towards Ramadan Advertising

Farheen Khalid1; Junaid Ansari2; Dr. Tariq Jalees3; Muhammad Sufyan Ramish1
1Lecturer, Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan,
2Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan,
3Associate Professor, PAF-Karachi Institute of Technology
4Institute of Business Management, Karachi,,,,


Abstract: Ramadan is the only religious festival in which marketing & advertising activities are carried for whole month. This provides opportunities & challenges to the marketers along with controversies. This paper will not address the controversies but will measure the effect of Ramadan advertisements on consumer attitude. Three hundred and ninety one (391) students of different universities in Karachi participated in this study. The questionnaire adopted for this study had established reliabilities and validates which were re-ascertained for the present set of data. All the five constructs used in this study had five items all based on seven point Likert scale. It was found that entertainment, information, credibility and good for economy has positive effects on the consumers' attitude towards advertising, whereas, irritation has a negative effect on the attitude. The finding of this study will help the media in developing advertising strategies that are favorable to consumer attitude. The results of this study are consistent to earlier studies. One of the limitations in this study is that consumer attitude has been measured in the domain of electronic media. Future studies could measure effectiveness of Ramadan advertising in other Medias including print and social media.

Keywords: Ramadan Advertising, Attitude towards Ramadan advertising, information, credible, entertainment and irritation.