Identification of Perceived Quality Attributes and its Influence on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intentions in Context of Car Buying

Naeem, Hira1; Amir, Dr. Huma1
1Institute of Business Administration, Karachi;


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate perceived quality in terms of consumer's perception about different attributes of a product and their attitude towards it which determine their purchase intentions. The industry chosen to study the variables was an automobile one and the product was Yaris which is about to be launched locally in Pakistan. A total of 227 respondents participated in the study including the exploratory and conclusive parts. The finding indicated that attitude and perceived attributes do influence purchase intention of the consumers of Pakistan and also that attributes have a positive impact on consumer's attitude. The research hints that the automobiles companies should first focus on consumer's perception about the attributes of the car and then design their positioning strategies while launching a car.

Keywords: Perceived Quality, Perceived Attributes, Cars, Attitudes