Intergenerational Influences on Automobile Brand Preferences in Pakistan

Syed Muhammad Fahim1; Khalid Hussain2; Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui3; Bilal Ahmed Chishty4
1,4DHA Suffa University, Karachi, Pakistan, 2Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi, Pakistan, 3University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia,,,

Abstract: This paper examines the influence of Intergeneration Influence (IGI) on the preferences of automobile brands on two succeeding generations. Sample size consisted of a total of 320 subjects, translating into two dyads (mother-daughter dyad and father-son dyad) of 160 respondents from each. Three important findings from this study are; (a) in automobile category there appears to be statistically significant difference in the quantum of agreements between brands-in-use versus brands-in-mind. There appears to be more agreement for brands-in-use situation than brands-in-mind situation; (b) when it comes to automobile preferences, there appears to be statistically significant difference between the above-mentioned dyads of men and women. More specifically brands-in-use and brands-in-mind brand preferences in dyad of mother-daughter are more relevant than the dyad of father-son and (c) The top three brands of local assemblers have depicted dominance for both brands-in-use and brands-in-mind. These three brands hold more than 57% of the auto brand preferences. This reflects that three local brands inhabit discrete and robust positions in consumers' mind. The results illustrate that there is sign of the IGI existence between two generations. Marketers of auto brands need to understand this sort of influence on their target consumers.

Keywords: IGI, dyads, brand preference
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