Online Grocery in Pakistan: A Remote Proposition or an Exciting Opportunity?

Abubakar, Khadija1; Mustafa, Sarosh1; Zubair, Sarah1; Javaid, Sidra1

1Institute of Business Administration, Karachi;;;

Abstract: The purpose of the case is to study consumer behavior with respect to online shopping. It also helps retailers in deciding whether it is a good time to start e-tailing in Pakistan and which sites to focus on when selling their brands online. The case first provides an overview of the retail environment and e-commerce industry in Pakistan. It also provides a detailed competitive analysis of the existing e-commerce companies offering household items. Furthermore, it highlights the services being offered by different websites. It then explores the online shopping patterns and preferences of consumers for household items in the country and determines the prevalent mix of consumers to be targeted by retailers.

Keywords: E-Commerce, Grocery, Internet, e-retailing, Pakistan