Organic Growth of BOP E-Commerce Business Model through Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM)

Kamran, Anum1; Khan, Imran1
1Institute of Business Administration, Karachi;

Abstract: E-commerce has produced a transformative effect on the people of Bottom of Pyramid and has huge potential to further transform. The use of an e-commerce website is not restricted to only billionaires; it is the same for the person whose survival is dependent on his daily income. There is an issue of affordability, but the store is available for all. Similarly, for the seller, e-commerce is not only for the big brands, small brands can also have access to the same customer. Therefore, e-commerce or internet is a perfect way to work for BOP and grow organically without spending much on marketing.

Marketing for start-ups/new entrants is not the same as it was a decade ago. You do not need a budget of millions and a huge workforce to plan your marketing. In this situation, all you need is a viable and unique product/service to offer, a smart and enthusiastic team, and knowledge of basic marketing do's and don'ts. No advertising is bigger than word-of-mouth marketing. The purpose of this paper is to share the research and experience of a start-up (, which worked with the tactics of entrepreneurial marketing to achieve growth. The project is completely growing with organic reach and continuously working and evolving Unique Selling Points to keep the customers engaged and retained with the marketplace.
When BOP people experience the ease of buying and selling - something they've never dreamt of - and share the experience with their groups, it gives further re-assurance in a viable manner that these people are beneficiaries of e-commerce and have improved living standards. Thus, a positive attitude would be developed for e-commerce at the bottom of the pyramid and more people will get benefit through it. This will create a domino effect to the economy at large. This paper will also discuss the ways to grow BOP economy by providing them improved and sustainable living.

Keywords: E-commerce, Entrepreneurial Marketing, BOP