Perceived Facebook Company Page Features and Consumer Brand Engagement

Adnan Bashir1, Abdul Hameed1
Institute of Business Management, Iqra University,

Abstract: Advancement in technology has shaped the consumers' overall attitude towards the firm and its offerings. Social media has given leverage to the consumer to get the desired information about a product in a more convenient way. Quality of information available on the company's web page even affects a consumer's overall purchase behavior. The aim of the study was to measure the impact of consumer perception of facebook company page features on consumer brand engagement (CBE) and its consequences. Study was limited to Karachi. A conceptual framework was designed based on previous studies. Constructs and scale items were adopted and had valid reliability; however reliability and validity was re-ascertained for the current study. The data was collected through convenient sampling. SPSS-19 and AMOS-21 was used. SEM was performed to find the best fitted model through the use of AMOS. The findings revealed that facebook company page features significantly affect the consumer's brand engagement (CBE), which ultimately impact on consumer's self brand connection and brand usage intention. The findings of the study are important for the managers who are involved in the company's social media pages. Consumer's view is important since the company's facebook page must have enough and quality information, the journey of exploring the page must be enjoyable and the page must be interactive. Since the data was collected through convenient sampling; therefore generalizability of the study is limited.

Keywords: Perceived facebook company page features, consumer brand engagement, self brand connection.
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