Re-Clarification of Corporate Character Scale (Davies et al., 2003) in Upscale Hotels

Mozard Mohtar, PhD1, Norbani Che Ha, PhD1, Zalfa Laili Hamzah, PhD1
1University of Malaya, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Department of Marketing,,

Abstract: This study examines the robustness of corporate character scale (CCS) in hotel industry in Malaysia via parallel analysis of factor analytic methods. A total of 529 respondents were surveyed for the purpose with Shangri-La and Hilton as sample hotels. Principal Axis Factoring and Principal Component Analysis and LISREL 8.8 were used to analyze the scale. Results show four instead of five factors scale and all factors meet necessary validity and reliability requirements.

Keywords: Corporate Character Scale; Factor Analysis; Parallel Analysis; Hotel
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