The Discourse: Doing it Differently - The Oreo Princess Campaign

Khan, Nida Aslam1; Moiz, Jami1
Institute of Business Administration, Karachi;

Abstract: This article brings forth a new perspective in the context of advertising in Pakistan and a unique standard classification structure for evaluating its communication. The three-fold components of Ethos, Pathos and Logos constitute to be the basis of understanding across many disciplines. Using the same essence of the persuasive communication model the other similar communication messages can be evaluated. This study evaluates how the Oreo Princess Campaign in Pakistan has pulverized the existing norms of communication and advertising with respect to Aristotle's tri-partite communication model. Our study provides a basis for further developing the foundation of an effective communication following the three rhetoric elements model for persuasive communication.

Keywords: Persuasive Advertising, Children Advertisements, Global Branding, Food Advertising, Emerging Markets, Pakistan