The Impact of Industry Type, Business Age and Business Size on Proactive and Responsive Customer Orientation

Corrinne Lee1, Norbani Che Ha1
1Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Universiti of Malaya, Malaysia,

Abstract: This study investigates on proactive customer orientation and responsive customer orientation among business units operating in the technology, information, communication and entertainment (TICE) industry of Malaysia. The impact of the demographic factors of these business units on proactive and responsive customer orientation is examined. The results revealed that the business unit size has statistically significant impact on the variables of interest. The difference in the business unit size based number of employees has an influence on both the proactive and responsive constructs. In contrast, the difference in the business unit size based on the amount of annual sales turnover only influences the proactive constructs. There was also a pattern business units with higher annual sales turnover tend to have lower means for responsive and proactive customer orientation, and vice versa. The specific industry type and business unit age had no effect on proactive customer orientation nor responsive customer orientation.

Keywords: proactive customer orientation, responsive customer orientation, ANOVA
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