The Influence of Personal and Product Factors on Gift Purchase Intention

Cheng Siang Liew1, Yushniza Kamarulzaman1, Mohd Nor Othman1
University of Malaya,,

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of personal and product factors on gift purchase intention. As this paper seeks to understand the Malaysian consumers' gift purchasing behaviour, a non-probability quota sampling is being adopted. The quota sampling is based on gender (50 Male- 50 Female) and ethnicity (50 Malay-30 Chinese-20 Indian). This research adopted mall intercepts method in collecting the data, since most of the gifts are often bought in shopping malls. Self-administered questionnaire was utilised and a total 447 questionnaires were used for further analysis. To analyse the data collected for this research Structural equation modelling (SEM) was adopted. The results of the study indicate that consumer knowledge, consumer involvement, perceived risk, brand name and perceived quality have a significant influence on gift purchase intention. Furthermore, the result of the study found that consumer involvement has the strongest influence on purchase intention, while perceived quality has the weakest influence on purchase intention. This paper is one of the first studies that examine the extent personal and product factors have an influence on gift purchase intention. This paper also offers new empirical findings on how eastern culture consumers participate in gift giving.

Keywords: Gift giving, Consumer Behavior, Purchase Intention, Gift Purchase
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