The Mediating Role of Brand Image of Health Product Brands on Consumer-Brand Relationships in Social Media

Dilip S. Mutum1, Jing Ning1, Ezlika Ghazali2
1Nottingham University Business School, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus,
2Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya,,

Abstract: This paper presents the finding of a study which examines the mediating role of brand image towards the effects of various brand factors influencing consumer-brand relationship, viz., brand experience, brand attribute, endorser effect, brand familiarity, online advertisement and social media engagement. This paper was extracted from a much larger study which examined the relationships in the context of health product brands in Malaysia. The results of this study hold important implications for both practitioners and academics. Marketers need to make efforts to further improve their brand image and communicate it clearly to the consumers. This will lead to better consumer brand relationships and hopefully will ultimately lead to brand loyalty. This study also contributes to the body of knowledge as this is among the first to look at the mediating role of brand image especially in the context of branding on social media and looking specifically at health product brands.

Keywords: Brand image, Social media marketing, Consumer brand relationship
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