The Utility of Hedonic Risk for Beverage Consumers: Myth or Reality?

Fariha Raza1; Dr. Faryal Salman2
1Assistant Professor, DHA Suffa University, Karachi; 2Assistant Professor and Head of Management Science Department at DHA Suffa University Karachi,

Abstract: The association of positive feelings like happiness, gratification, thrill and self-confidence with a challenging activity has been termed hedonic risk. This research aims to understand the impact of hedonic risk on ad recall, brand recall, intention to purchase and actual consumption of beverages. It also explores whether hedonic risk can classify the customers into non-overlapping groups that exhibit distinct patterns of consumption. The research has been conducted on a sample of young, literate people living in Karachi. Multivariate data analysis technique of stepwise regression, logistic regression and moderating and mediating analysis were used for statistical inference. The findings are of particular interest to marketers and advertisers who want to develop marketing communications based on hedonic risk themes. Based on the findings of this research, further research can be done to develop detail consumer profiles using other techniques like cluster analysis.

Keywords: Hedonic risk, gratification, upbeat feelings
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