Traces of Company Strategy for the Bottom of Income Pyramid (BoP) in Pakistan - A Probing Analysis

Mohammad Ekhlaque Ahmed1, Marium Mateen Khan1, Taha Kalam1

Institute of Business Management Karachi, Pakistan,

Abstract: This is an exploratory research making an attempt to probe the awareness of the "Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)" concept among selected renowned companies in Pakistan. The research focused on what contributions have been made by the selected companies so far and how the marketing strategies for BoP are structurally shaping up in the Pakistani context. A qualitative research methodology has been employed. The data was collected through interviews from senior professionals from different industries, engaged actively in marketing assignments. Industries include Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Banking, Beverage and Telecommunication which contribute sizeable business and their market scope covers both urban and rural segment equally. Contributions made by the selected organizations to Bottom of Pyramid market in Pakistan are evaluated on the basis of themes derived from the literature review. The themes namely include; "concept awareness", "profitability", "product strategy", understanding and adaptation to the culture of the audience" and "innovation".

Keywords: Bottom of the pyramid market, marketing strategy, social impact
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