Trends on Green Consumer Behaviors (GCB): A Viewpoint from Developed and Developing Countries

Siti Aisyah Asrul1
1Faculty of Business Management, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

Abstract: Green consumers are those who purchase and consume green products and the one who persevere the environment with being green. The effort of these green consumers is with regards to their awareness of how the environment has been savagely polluted and they are working hard to reduce the pollution by saving the environment. They play their role as one of the living mechanism with purchasing and consuming eco-friendly products and even influence their family and peers to be part of it. Green behaviour has been well-developed by the consumers all around the continents, be it from developing country or developed country. Therefore, the green consumer behaviour has been introduced academically for the reference of educators and marketers to help them having an in-depth understanding and educate the consumers who yet develop this behaviour in them. The green consumer behaviour of each country is educated and understood differently as the behaviour is hard to measure. This is also due to inherent differences in lifestyles, beliefs, cultures and practices. Some of the countries find this behaviour as new and it is hard to change. In order to have an overview of all trends from developing and developing countries, this paper merely discussed the trend of green consumer behaviour by accumulating the findings of a previous studies done by the researchers in the scope of developing countries and developed countries on how the green consumer behaviour of each country are developed per se. This study was conducted by reviewing secondary data from academic journals and relevant materials. This study also discussed the challenges faced by both consumers and marketers in order to sustain the green consumer behaviour. The limitation of this study is that the literature with regards to green consumer behaviour is not adequate for developing countries. This might be because of not many developing countries are familiar with being green. This trend of green consumer behaviour is exemplified in order to help other researchers and marketers to overlook the trend in one write-up.

Keywords: trends, green consumer behaviours, developing countries, developed countries
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