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Conference Tracks

Conforming to the conference theme “Contemporary Marketing Trends” papers are invited from both academicians and practitioners on the latest developments in the field of marketing. Papers may be submitted under following tracks but the list is not exhaustive.

Strategic Marketing
History & Philosophy of Marketing Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
Marketing Orientation & Key Drivers Marking Metrics & Modeling 
Marketing Careers Analyzing Market Structures & Competition
Marketing Education Market Planning
Marketing Ethics  
Brand Management
E- Marketing
Corporate Image & Reputation Cyber & Internet Marketing
Brand Equity Mobile & E-mail Marketing
Country of Origin Social Media Marketing
New Product Development Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Communications 
Distribution Networks  
Advertising Supply Chain & Value Networks
Sales Promotion Logistics & Channel Management
Public Relations Retailing
Consumer Behavior
Pricing: Theories, Policies and Practices Loyalty, Satisfaction & Switching
Price Elasticity & Market Structures Personality
Financial issues in Marketing Perceptions, Attitudes and Behaviors
  Motivation & Involvement
  Socialization Process
Marketing Research
Relationship Marketing
Qualitative Research Techniques    B2B Marketing 
Quantitative Research Techniques CRM
Market Intelligence & Forecasting Personal Selling
  Industrial Marketing 
  Experiential Marketing
International Marketing 
Not-for-Profit Marketing
Export Marketing CSR & Social Cause Marketing
Marketing across Cultures NGO Marketing
Multinational Marketing Public Sector Marketing

Services Marketing
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Marketing of Financial Services Innovation & Creativity 
Marketing of Educational Services Family Owned Businesses Entrepreneurial Manager 
Marketing of Health-care services  
Marketing of Tourism & Hospitality  
Marketing of Leisure & Entertainment  
Islamic Marketing
Agriculture Marketing
Muslim Consumers Agriculture Branding
Islamic Brands Marketing to Rural Population

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