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Paper Submission Guidelines



Kindly send all submissions to the email address: ibaicm@iba.edu.pk

Title Page and Author Information

This should begin with the title of the paper. Names of the author(s) and their institutions should be placed under the title along with contact details i.e. e-mail, phone/ cell. In the case of multiple authors, please indicate the corresponding author.


Abstract should be on a new page and should not include any information that can identify the author(s) or their institution(s).
Your abstract should be structured according to these headings:
Purpose, Design Methodology, Findings, Limitations, and Implications
A list of keywords (minimum 3) should be given. The abstract should be between 500-700 words in length.


Paper Formatting

After the Abstract, the body of the paper should start from a new page. All text in the paper should be in Times New Roman font, Line Spacing 1.5, Size 12.
The length of the paper should be between 5000-7000 words, excluding references. A margin of one inch should be left on all sides. Indent each paragraph appropriately.
All lists should be either bulleted or numbered.


Tables, Diagrams and Figures:

Tables, diagrams and figures should be embedded within the body of the paper. All captions should be numbered, italicized and centered.


Please follow the APA style of referencing and references. If needed, guidelines on the APA referencing style can be obtained at:



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