Message from the Dean & Director IBA

Dr. Sayeed Ghani

Dr. Farrukh Iqbal
Dean & Director
Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
Ex-Director - The World Bank
PhD Economics, Yale University - 1979
BA Economics, Harvard University - 1975

The rise of Marketing as the defining factor behind success of businesses and organizations is something we have all witnessed. This conference aims to minimize assumptions and errors in the increasingly vital arena of marketing, through the integration of standardized marketing research practices within the discipline. While developed economies have been able to turn market research into a dependable and elaborate science, countries belonging to the developing and underdeveloped world are still struggling with the idea. Through the experience and knowledge of our esteemed keynote speakers, IBAICM 2016 will be able to impart a deeper understanding of the importance of marketing insights and information, as well the various channels and techniques of maximizing the benefit of said knowledge. There is a dearth of dedication to the research aspect of marketing in the business, and it is up to the academics and scholars of the finest business schools around the world to ensure that the phenomenon receives the acceptance and enthusiasm that it deserves.

I wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication my colleagues are putting in to make IBAICM 2016 a success, not only for Pakistan but countries worldwide.