Proceedings IBA ICM - 16

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Dr. Wajid H. Rizvi
Assistant Professor

Dr. Huma Amir
Assistant Professor, Chairperson (Marketing)

"Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid in Emerging Markets" - Vol. 3

Paper Title

Traces of Company Strategy for the Bottom of Income Pyramid (BoP) in Pakistan - A Probing Analysis
Ahmed, Mohammad Ekhlaque; Khan, Marium Mateen; Kalam, Taha

Trends on Green Consumer Behaviors (GCB): A Viewpoint from Developed and Developing Countries
Asrul, Siti Aisyah

Rent Discrimination in Sarajevo
Aydin, Recai; Aydin, Sejma

Perceived Facebook Company Page Features and Consumer Brand Engagement
Bashir, Adnan; Hameed, Abdul

Viral Marketing via the New Media: The Case of Communication Behaviour in WhatsApp
Yu, Chong Wan; Kamarulzaman, Yusniza

Locked in or Attracted by? The Interplay between Switching Costs and Alternative Attractiveness on Gen Y Satisfaction and Loyalty
Chuah, Stephanie Hui-Wen; Ramayah, T

Intergenerational Influences on Automobile Brand Preferences in Pakistan
Fahim, Syed Muhammad; Hussain, Khalid; Siddiqui, Kamran Ahmed; Chishty, Bilal Ahmed

Towards an Understanding of Customer-Based Corporate Reputation and Consumer Citizenship Behaviour: A Conceptual Model
Gengathara, Indradevi; Hamzah, Zalfa Laili

Effect of Brand Popularity on Customer Pre-Purchase Dissonance, Customer Satisfaction and Brand Trust: A Study of Household Appliances Industry in Pakistan
Hassan, Waseem; Shabbir, Rizwan; Yaqub, Rana Muhammad Shahid; Imran, Sarah

Customers' Attitude towards Ramadan Advertising
Khalid, Farheen; Ansari, Junaid; Jalees, Dr. Tariq; Ramish, Muhammad Sufyan

A study of Buyers' and Sellers' Perception of Organic Foods in Pakistan: Towards a More Effective Marketing Mix
Khan, Sara

The Impact of Industry Type, Business Age and Business Size on Proactive and Responsive Customer Orientation
Lee, Corrinne; Che Ha, Norbani

Translating Practice Theory into Consumer Research with Coherent Research Strategies
Lee, Yoon; Mohd-Any, Amrul Asraf; Che-Ha, Norbani

The Influence of Personal and Product Factors on Gift Purchase Intention
Liew, Cheng Siang; Kamarulzaman, Yushniza; Othman, Mohd Nor

Structural Effect of Psychological Capital on Online Purchase Intention
Maitlo, Muhammad Zahid; Memon, Salman Bashir; Syed, Sumaiya

Founder Characteristics and Small Firm Performance in Pakistan
Mian, Ejaz; Mohammad, Osman

Re-Clarification of Corporate Character Scale (Davies et al., 2003) in Upscale Hotels
Mohtar, Mozard, PhD; Che Ha, Norbani, PhD; Hamzah, Zalfa Laili, PhD

The Mediating Role of Brand Image of Health Product Brands on Consumer-Brand Relationships in Social Media
Mutum, Dilip S.; Ning, Jing; Ghazali, Ezlika

Identifying Factors Leading to the Success of Social Justice Campaigns Driven by Social Networking Engines in Engaging the Online Youth Audience
Naeem, Meher; Sarwar, Rida; Khan, Sarah

Branding and Purchase Decision of Pharmaceutical Products: A Conceptual Model
Pei Pei, Foo; Hamzah, Zalfa Laili

The Utility of Hedonic Risk for Beverage Consumers: Myth or Reality?
Fariha Raza, Dr. Faryal Salman

Tactics to Save Brands from Failure
Saeed, Kausar; Siddiqui, Kamran Ahmed

Brand Switching Behaviour of Muslim Consumers; The Road not Taken
Saeed, Munazza; Azmi, Ilhaamie Binti Abdual Ghani

Ethics of Serving the Bottom of Pyramid Market - A Study in Context of Indian Food Market
Sharma, Miss Yukti; Nasreen, Dr. Reshma

Comparative Study: Effect of Color on Major Chocolate Brands in Pakistan (Branding and Packaging)and Packaging)
Sohail, Mr. Khawaja Saad; Khan, Ms. Sarah

What Constitutes the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) Market?
Subhan, Fasiha; Khattak, Amira

Moving Towards Sustainable Consumption: A Study of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3Rs) Adoption among Malaysians
Ginny, Regina Yan; Kamarulzaman, Yusniza

An Agent-Based Approach to Vehicle Dispatch and Route Planning in a Dynamic Milk Collection Network
Mumtaz, Dr. Mohammad Kamran

Identification of Perceived Quality Attributes and its Influence on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intentions in Context of Car Buying
Naeem, Hira; Amir, Dr. Huma

Online Grocery in Pakistan: A Remote Proposition or an Exciting Opportunity?
Abubakar, Khadija; Mustafa, Sarosh; Zubair, Sarah; Javaid, Sidra

Empirical Determinants of Product Innovation in Micro-Enterprises in Pakistan - An Exploratory Analysis
Saeed, Syed Mohammad, Nishat, Mohammed

The Discourse: Doing it Differently - The Oreo Princess Campaign
Khan, Nida Aslam; Moiz, Jami

Organic Growth of BOP E-Commerce Business Model through Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM)
Kamran, Anum; Khan, Imran

Antecedents to Fashion Clothing Purchase Involvement: The Mediating Role of Fashion Clothing Involvement
Rahman, Mahfuzur; Albaity, Mohamed; Isa, Che Ruhana; Azma, Nurul

The Influence of Religiosity on the Shopping Orientation of Muslims in Karachi
Shaikh, Ayesha Latif; Rahman, Dr. Mustaghis-ur-

Micro Credit System for Increasing Female Employment and Entrepreneurship in Turkey
Yap, Senol

Cosmopolitan Orientation, Consumer Consciousness, Green Purchase Intention: Mediating Role of Green Trust (Green Field Marketing)
Danish, Muhammad; Khattak, Amira; Badar, Kamal